Animonda is a young company, but at the same time part of a company group with tradition. Heristo ag, founded in 1913 as a small butcher in Westphalia, is now one of the world’s leading food processing companies.

Especially in this group of companies the respect for the raw material “meat and fish” has been preserved. Whether human or animal food, everything is produced with the same care and the recognized high quality standard.

This is the tradition of animonda petcare gmbh. Founded in 1991, animonda is aimed at the animal owners, who are particularly concerned about the well-being of their pets and their quality of life, and which therefore place high demands not only on their but also on their food for their four-legged friends.

The special diet food INTEGRA PROTECT was developed not least, but also from special responsibility towards the animal. Owners of sick animals as well as veterinarians appreciate the special quality of this food.

Meanwhile in more than 35 countries dog and cat holders as well as professional breeder pet food from animonda use. This shows that quality is established by – nationally and internationally. In this sense, we are continuing to work for the welfare and interest of our consumers – the pet animals.
Feeding with heart and mind

All products are made according to the latest scientific findings for healthy and sensible animal nutrition: natural, pure and free from artificial color and aromas. Selected fresh ingredients are carefully prepared in such a way that their vital substances are preserved as far as possible. What is on the packaging is also guaranteed – the transparent and open declaration ensures this.
Product Range

Animonda Products


The finest – the name keeps what it promises.

That’s why the finest is undoubtedly one of our top products. For here it is said, to convince small dog breeds and cats, which are known as particularly elective, with quality and excellent taste. The Specialties Program At the time, the finest is proving to be the right thing to do today.


Carny ® – fleshy-fresh as cats love it.

Cats can not be fooled in quality. They love pure meat. Carny ® is therefore a thoroughly honest product. Only made from selected, high-quality, fresh fleshy ingredients. 

And because in freshly processed meat all important nutrients and building materials remain longer and better available, we ensure that it is processed quickly and gently.


Animonda Rafiné ® cats are refined

Cats love the change. Especially when it is as “refined” as the product line Rafiné ® . Whether as a tender-melting meat pate “Rafiné ® Petit”, with delicious sauce and hearty meatballs in “Rafiné ® Soupe” or with juicy appetisers in “Rafiné ® Ragout”. This is where the most demanding cat can find exactly the right preparation. 

And the darlings, who like it more crisp and crispy, find “Rafiné ® Cross” a change in the diet, which also corresponds to the play and employment impulse of the velvet paws.


Animonda GranCarno ®
program for your whole life

Even the best recipe can only be as good as the raw materials used. That is why we make sure that only carefully selected, high-quality meat varieties are processed. And so that all important nutrients and building materials remain longer and better available, they are processed fresh and gentle. This can be seen immediately when the can is opened, since the natural fiber structures of the meat are largely retained. A good sign for freshness and naturalness. 

GranCarno ® can also be used as a dry food . Developed according to the “Gentle Nutrition formula”, it offers a powerful and energetic diet and guarantees an exceptionally low stress or allergy potential. GranCarno ® does not contain soy, No artificial coloring or preservatives and no genetically modified raw materials. 

GranCarno ® , combined as a wet or dry food, is our offer of a modern healthy dog ​​nutrition.


Integra Protect – The multifunctional diet food program for the targeted nutrition therapy of dogs and cats

In many diseases of domestic animals can be helped with a suitable diet food. 
Integra Protect has been developed according to the latest veterinary findings and adapted to the specific nutrient requirements of the diseased animal. The specialties are kidneys, sensitive, urinary stones, intestinal, obesity, joints and diabetes. 

So that a diet helps, it must be regularly eaten. 
Therefore, Integra Protect is distinguished by an excellent spontaneous and long-term acceptance and takes into account the altered smell and taste of diseased animals.


Animonda GranCarno ®
program for your whole life

Brocconis Cat is a cats’ main meal in the convincing quality. In the fleshy bit of everything cats need for their health and vitality  infected. A complete food that contains everything your cat needs for a healthy life and sufficient vigor. Tender pieces of fresh beef and poultry meat in a delicious sauce with vitamins A, D3 and E content. Made of high-quality meat, no artificial colors, no preservatives