Started out as a distributor of high-quality products for pets back in 1990 in Varese
The company later gained success in Italy and abroad when it developed its own branded products for aquariums, with the Wave trademark, and for dogs with the CaniAmici trademark.

By constantly investing in research, being persistently innovative and listening to what clients and end customers really want, over the years Croci Spa has become a market leader and accomplished an important milestone in 2010: quality certification for its design, development, production and commerce of products for pets in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

The company celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2010, which was also an important year for two other reasons:

CROCI s.p.a. acquired the German company, Amtra, a renowned aquariology business that makes water treatment products and feed. The alliance was an important step as the companies combined their knowledge and experience to create a group offering a product range that covers every requirement for aquatic animals and pets.
CROCI s.p.a. moved to its new headquarters in Castronno (VA), just a few yards from the exit off the Milan-Varese motorway: every department was considerably extended, ensuring a single yet much larger storage area for all the products. The total area covers 42.000 m2, of which 10,000 m2 are used for the warehouse with room for at least 12,000 pallets; considerable space has also been dedicated to the Research and Development Laboratory and to the showroom, which is stocked and organised throughout the year to showcase the products to the sales force and customers.

CROCI s.p.a. offers its customers an extensive product range with more than 6.300 items in the catalogue. In addition to the core business of aquariology (Wave and Amtra) and canine products (CaniAmici), Croci Spa also produces a wide-ranging selection for birds, reptiles and rodents. Since 2010 we started the launching of pet products under licence of Warner Bros and Walt Disney. Furthermore, croci is also producer and distributor of products branded Hello Kitty.

The success of CROCI s.p.a. stems from its continual development of new solutions and also from its customer orientated philosophy, which aims to constantly improve the quality of every aspect of its customer service:
PDAs are used to manage orders so the Italian and international sales force can interact effectively and immediately with customers to offer detailed information about sales conditions and product availability
No minimum amount is required for orders
Fast delivery times with the option of a “Green Line” service for urgent deliveries
The customer care and technical departments ensure superb support and after-sale services to help customers and to respond to their requests and requirements as quickly as possible
CROCI s.p.a. is a forward-thinking business that aims to consolidate its position in the market and become the international go-to company for whatever you need for your aquariums and pets.

Croci Products

Snacks & Masticator

All of our treats are hormone free no preservatives, no coloring, completely natural.They help promote healthy skin and a shiny coat while helping to prevent bad breath and clean teeth.

Natural food

Offering tender chunks of meat and fine jelly, we only stock wet cat food from our favourite suppliers – meaning you can feed your cat safe in the knowledge that we’ve only chosen the very best

Leashes & Muzzles

Dog collars make it easy for some to identify your pet if it gets lost, and provide a place to attach a lead for walkies. We offer a large choice of stylish dog leads, harnesses and collars to suit your pet

Travel & Beds

Whether it’s a trip to the vet or a holiday with the family, our dog crates and carriers allow your pet to travel in comfort. From durable plastic crates to canvas carry bags, we have the best transportation for your best friend.

Hygiene & Beauty

If your dog has an accident, you can clean up the mess in a hygienic way with our selection of dog sprays and dog hygiene products. Perfect for removing stains and odours from floors and furnishings.


Make sure your pet is looking and feeling great with our fantastic range of pet grooming products. From brushes and shampoos for your pet’s coat to clippers and hygiene sprays, you’ll find everything you need here to give your pet the attention they deserve.


Give your pet something they can really get their teeth into – these durable dog bowls and feeding accessories have all you need for satisfying mealtimes, including automatic feeders, scoops and storage bins


Puppies are naturally inquisitive and playful, so it’s important that you keep them entertained with plenty of toys. At Croci we provide a huge range of fun toys, chews and boredom breakers to keep them happy day after day

Cat Scrapers

Cats love to keep their claws strong, so our selection of cat scratching furniture is the ideal addition to your home if you want to save your own tables and chairs! Choose from classic cat scratching posts to activity centres that your cat can explore and make their own

Toiletes & Litters

There are a number of cat litter disposal options available to keep your litter area clean, and you’ll find everything you need from Pets at Home, including scoopers, tray lining and even repellent crystals to stop pets from using your plants to relieve themselves


We have a great selection of cat collar accessories to help you personalise your pooch


Dog coats for the rugged and adventurous dog who hikes and enjoys the outdoors. These coats are waterproof and keep your dog warm in fall and winter


Some people travel especially to see wildlife, but with the right equipment it’s possible to bring it to you instead. At Croci, we have a huge range of bird and wildlife products, making it easier than ever for you to see beautiful wildlife in your own garden.

Rodents & Rabbits

Looking for the perfect Rodent products to make sure your pet feels right at home? Our rodent supplies range from bowls to bedding with hutches, treats, hygiene product and much more in-between


Our cold-blooded reptile friends can often seem more demanding to own and care for, but with the right approach and products, you can turn even the smallest chores into an easy, enjoyable task. Check our wide range of reptile products to set up, and maintain, the best environment for your pet

Turtles & Tortoises

Find turtle food & accessories to keep your turtle happy and healthy