Farmina’s story begins in 1965 when Dr.Francesco Russo founded the Russo Feed, a company specializing in the fodder sector, which operates mostly in Southern Italy.
In 1999 the son of Francesco, Dr. Angelo Russo, joined the company of his father, understood the potential of the pet food industry, and decided to operate in this market. It is in this period that he started working with English Farmina Pet Foods, based in Ingatestone, which makes an important contribution to the company’s research and formulistic.
Within a few years the markets response led the company to invest in production capacity from 1.5 tons to 12 tons / hour.
In parallel, to be able to fulfill a more specific and demanding request, new formulas and new product lines were developed.
Finally, after years of collaboration, the Russo Feed notes the Farmina Pet Foods group.
And we get to today, 10 product lines, five dedicated to dogs and five to cats: Cibau, Team Breeder dog and cat, Ecopet, Fun Dog, Vet Life Formula dog and cat, Cimiao, Matisse e Fun Cat.
All lines are offered in different formulations depending on the age, size, race and way of life of our furry friends.

The formats developed range from 400 grams to 20 kilograms and are distributed in Italy, Europe, Arab countries and Latin America.
In terms of production, to support the establishment of Nola (Naples), two new production facilities have recently started operation, the first site in San Paulo, Brazil, and the second in Indija in Serbia.
But Farmina is not just pet food; always increasing is its efforts in the line of “pet care”, with professional services and activities to cover a 360° need of our furry friends and their owners. An example is www.farminachannel.com, the site dedicated to dogs and cats most visited in Italy, with over 10,000 subscribed and over 2 million pages visited every month.
Farmina, a “story” beginning over forty years ago, a story of success, all Italian, where the tradition and experience are the basis in which products and services are develop aimed at the welfare of our furry friends and their adoptive families.
Farmina, a story still to be told…

Farmina Products

N&D Grain Free

N&D Pumpkin

N&D Low Grain

Vet Life

Farmina Vet Life is a new, revolutionary range of all-natural veterinarian diets designed to treat specific health conditions and/or prevent pathological states or their reoccurrence

Team Breeder

Complete food for large breed puppies and gestating or breast-feeding bitches


Farmina Matisse Cat Food is an absolute diet for adult cats. Formulated after much research, the food for cat has all the elements a feline needs for a healthy, active and joyous life. Protein, sourced from meat sources, is the primary nutrient which provides maximum well-being of the cat

Fun Dog

Fun dog is a complete food, very good to meet the needs of working dogs, dog race, pregnant or lactating bitches.

Fun Cat

fun cat is a complete food that contains the best ingredients for a healthy balanced diet with high digestibility.