Josera; A family company

JOSERA has been successfully involved in the animal nutrition and foodstuff segments for more than 70 years. As a midsize family company, JOSERA is always developing further. The company is dedicated to sustainability, innovation, responsibility and safety!

The company history of JOSERA begins with two visionaries:
Joseph and Pauline Erbacher, who founded the company JOSERA during
World War II with a plant for the production of feed lime in the village of Weilbach, Lower Franconia.

Product Development – only the best for our four-legged friends
Good food must not only taste good to your four-legged friends, but also be easy to digest and meet their needs. For this reason, the composition of all our high-quality JOSERA products is jointly developed by a team of nutritionists and specialists from the scientific and business community based on the latest knowledge.

Best Raw Materials – the basis of our quality guarantee
For our premium cat & dog food, we go further with high-quality, natural and healthy ingredients.
JOSERA Catfood Quality Guarantee Certificate
Josera does not use genetically modified raw materials in our super premium products, neither the addition of wheat and soy or artificial colour, flavour or preservatives. These quality requirements are contractually assured by our suppliers. All meat components in our dog and cat food products are of course exclusively derived from animals, which are fit for human consumption. In order to protect the wild salmon stocks we use salmon from European environmentally controlled aquacultures as ingredients in our animal food. As well, we prefer regional raw materials for producing JOSERA Premium Pet Food.
Highest safety with JOSERA laboratory
JOSERA Hundefutter Qualitaetsgarantie Zertifikat

JOSERA ensures its products are without any defects and of premier quality. Therefore, we test the raw ingredients before their processing in our own laboratory based on rigorous criteria and high quality standards. Then outgoing finished products are once again checked before leaving the plant. In our laboratory, food chemists, biologists, and laboratory assistants work hand in hand to ensure the best nutrition and tasty, top quality food for your pets. You can always rely on JOSERA feed to provide all the benefits of well-tolerated, easily digestible, and nutritious food for a healthy, nourished four-legged companion. Good nutrition keeps your pet’s skin healthy and the coat shiny. We are determined to ensure that our animal food surpasses all other products in terms of quality and nutrition. Therefore, Josera regularly submit to voluntary neutral examinations in addition to the statutory controls.

JOSERA premiers as the first DLG certified
pet food producer in Germany!
Since February 2013 JOSERA is the first pet producer in Germany which has been DLG certified. The DLG certification means that the entire company has been audited according to the strict DLG regulations. Additionally all Josera products from the line “A Special Need” have been checked according to DLG guidelines.

Test criteria include:
Assessment of the entire production company
Control of all raw ingredients used
Analytical checks of the end products
Certificate of sensory quality
Testing of declaration and feeding guide
DLG test service is a daughter company of the German Agricultural Society. It is one of the leading quality insurance agencies in Germany regarding the control of raw materials, end products, quality insurance and production in Foodstuff and Agriculture.

JOSERA Mini Dog Food

Whether your little one is a distinguished connoisseur or a lively explorer, our dry dog food for minis is just right. A small kibble size, combined with high-quality ingredients, ensure balanced nutritional care for your darling and, at the same time, reduce the risk of tartar formation.


JOSERA Daily Dog Food

Whether your canine friend is a young hero, an insatiable connoisseur or an easy-going senior: we have delicious and high-quality food for every bowl! Our Daily dog food offers you and your four-legged friend the right dry kibble for every day, regardless of your dog’s stage in life or specific preferences.
For this reason, we pay particular attention to the quality of our ingredients and systematically avoid adding any wheat, soy or artificial colours, aromas, flavours or preservatives. 

JOSERA Special Dog Food

Special requirements mean a special feeding concept. Whether your four-legged friend is a high-achiever in sports or in breeding or whether they suffer from a sensitive digestive track or intolerances, JOSERA offers the ideally tailored food for each and every need.


Premium Dog Dry Food

JOSERA Premium dog food products offer the ideal combination of high quality products for a reasonable price. Suitable for all life stages and every breed. All products are produced without the use of wheat, soy, artificial colorings, flavorings or  preservatives. All available in high end packaging design with the well-known JOSERA lay out. JOSERA Premium dog food is a sold worldwide to shops and breeders for many years

BAVARO Premium Dry Food for Dogs

  • We use neither soy products nor sugar.
  • The use of genetically modified raw materials is out of the question.
  • Drying is the only preservation method we use for our dogfood.
  • Taste and colour come only from the raw materials, not from any artificial additives.

Super Premium Cat Dry Food

Nutrition appropriate to needs is just as individual as your cat. JOSERA Super Premium catfood has the right feed for every cat in every life stage. Our clear assortment prevents confusion. It is easy to find the correct super premium product for your cat’s needs within the JOSERA product range.

All central phases in a cat’s life are reflected in JOSERA Super Premium. The assortment includes products for individual needs and also covers the needs for more sensitive cats and cats with food intolerance. With extra tasty ingredients and without the use of wheat, soy, artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives


Premium Cat Dry Food

Our premium catfood products offer the ideal combination of high quality products for a reasonable price. For adult cats in all life stages. With tasty meat and fish. A Josera sales classic for many years worldwide