The Nobby Pet Shop GmbH is a wholesale company with specializing in pet supplies and with a huge range of 6000 articles for dogs, cats, birds, rodents and fish.
The family business specialized in bird and bird breeding products was founded in 1991 by Norbert Felix.
Because of the constant growing and the personal passion for animals, the range was gradually expanded with pet accessories for dogs, cats and rodents.
The company’s range is exported in over 60 countries. Its customers are wholesaler and retailer of pet industry.
By segment expansion Nobby strengthened its market position and continued strong growth, so that a further relocation was necessary in 2003. The company’s facility increased to 3700 sq meters. Because of the growth potential of today’s facility site, Nobby were able to expand in 2006 to 5000 sq meters and 2008 to 6600 sq meters with a total of 8,000 pallet spaces.

With the help of Its sales force Nobby’s customers receive individual attention. Products are not only sold in Germany, they are also successfully exported across the European borders.
The complete logistic service and the processing of orders is done from more than 100 employees at their premises in Bocholt.
Nobby sales representatives provide individual customer service for Germany and for all customers all over the world.
The Nobby Pet Shop GmbH is exhibiting at the most important fairs in the sector. Through visits to trade fairs, trade shows and targeted market research, Nobby confirms regularly about the current market trends and can respond to the requirements and trends appropriately and promptly.
To be a strong and attractive partner for its customers, Nobby complements the range regularly with innovative products which are in an approved quality, because the welfare and health of the animals is extremely important for them.

Nobby Products

Snacks & Chew Products

StarSnacks are low in calories because they are made of 100 % beef hide and dried meat. They are always a welcome and healthy treat for your dog and made from natural raw materials and therefore have a very good acceptance.They are delivered in a reclosable bag.
Dental snack also act as a natural toothbrush. Due to the friction during chewing and the substances which are released here,is dissolved the tartar and therefore reduces him.


Nobby Stainless Steel Dog Bowls are the perfect dog dining solution. Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning, these popular stainless steel food bowls for dogs offer quality and value you won’t find anywhere else. Made of high-quality stainless steel that’s strong and scratch-resistant, it’s the perfect dog dining solution.

The Ceramic Bowl by Nobby is a classic designed bowl suitable for both food and water. Its traditional design will allow your pet to feed and drink safely, with its heavy weight reducing the amount of spillages from messy feeders


One of the best ways to bond with your pet is through play, and this fantastic range of pull toys and chews offers a variety of ways to keep them happy, alert and energetic. this line is full of colourful toys with best quality for your pets.

Collars, Leads & Harnesses

Dog collars are a necessary bit of kit, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring – we’ve got a great choice of fashionable patterns, colours and materials so you can choose the collar that bets matches your dog’s personality!


Whether your pet needs a little grooming or a lot, our stock of pet grooming products make it easy for you and enjoyable for your pet! Here you’ll find brushes, combs, clippers and scissors to keep your pet looking its best.

Hygiene & Beauty

If your pet has an accident, you can clean up the mess in a hygienic way with our selection of pet sprays and pet hygiene products. Perfect for removing stains and odours from floors and furnishings.we have best range of pet cleaning and hygiene products including wipes, sprays and odour eliminators.

Toilet & Litter

Cat litter and cat trays are an absolute must for cat owners, giving your cats an easy space to use that can be disposed of with minimal mess or fuss. Take a look at our great range of cat litter products to see what’s on offer.

Dog Cloth

Keep your best friend warm and dry in one of these dog coats, designed to resist whatever the elements throw at you. Wherever you go adventuring together, you can make sure your pet is snug and stylish all the way!

Your pet needs somewhere to curl up at the end of a busy day, and our dog beds in all shapes and sizes give them a place to snooze in comfort. The Nobby Bed is a unique new product specifically designed to help dogs get a good night’s sleep.It can also be used simply as a cool, comfortable sleeping surface for any pet


Nobby Carrier is an ideal pet carrier for travel and outdoor use With shoulder strap and handles for easy transportation and a collar clip for extra security.

This line will help keep your pet safe and secure and make those journeys more relaxing and comfortable for you and your pet

Keep your birds as active as ever with our great range of bird food and treats, including healthy seeds and supplements as well as treats and toys to peck at to keep them entertained throughout the day


Looking after your furry friend just got easier! We bring you all the small pet products you need, all in one place. So whichever small pet supplies you’re after, from rabbit products to ferret, chipmunk or chinchilla accessories, take a look at our range


Foods for freshwater and saltwater aquarium fish and more! Choose from our huge selection of quality aquarium fish foods to ensure proper nutrition