Stefanplast was set up in 1964. Now with a workforce of 130, Stefanplast is one of Italy’s leading manufacturers of plastic articles for the domestic and gardening sectors. Stefanplast has also recently introduced the Peter Pet range of items for household pets.
“100% Made in Italy” is a brand created to celebrate this history and it speaks of tradition, excellence and reliability.
Stefanplast has been creating and producing articles made of plastic in Italy since 1964.
Among one of the first companies to believe and invest in this revolutionary material, Stefanplast is now ranked nationally among the most important companies in this sector.

Stefanplast Products

Pet Carriers

When you need your pet to stay in one place, choose one of our strong, long-lasting dog crates. Perfect for use while travelling in the car or just in the home, these crates offer a safe and secure temporary home for your pet

Bed Sleeper

We know how much our pets like their creature comforts, so we offer a wide selection of pet beds to keep animals cosy throughout the year

Food & water bowl

Every pup deserves their own place to dig into dinner and wet their whistle. At Stephan plast, you’ll find an array of dog bowls, feeders and two-in-one diners all designed to make your furry family member’s meal time more enjoyable. Observe your pet’s eating habits and help determine what they will need in a dog bowl or waterer

Toilet & Accessories

We offer a range of cat litter trays, including simple open trays and enclosed hooded options for cats that prefer a little more privacy