Bentas Bentonit

Bentas Bentonit is one of the biggest Company of Turkey, producing white bentonit clumping cat litter products from its own licenses, providing high quality cat litter products to its customers, mainly in Europe and over the world.
Bentas Bentonit is specialized on producing white clumping high quality cat litters by using its advantage of controlling 5.800 hectares of raw bentonite resources, committing best parts of its mine in the production plant for creating different formulations in its qualified Lab to cover expectations of the market demand.

One its main brands are VAN CAT which is Ultra fine granules, super whiteness with colored particles, high absorption capacity, super natural odor control, dust free, hard clumping cat liter.

From the point of extracting mine until delivery of final product to customer address, Bentas’ professional staffs follow closely every step of quality process to satisfy its customers and offer innovative solutions to extend their market efficiency and capability. Due to fact that Bentas is direct producer in the market and fully concentrates upon cat litter production, it gives advantage of providing very competitive price offers for one the best quality cat litter of World.

The Production Plant & Capacity:
Bentas’s plant is located in Fatsa Organized Industrial Area within 17.000 square meter territory. The indoor area of the plant is 4.000 square meter.
In the plant, cat litter capacity is 45.000 ton/year (without packaging). The drying capacity is about 100.000 ton/year. The packaged cat litter capacity of the plant is about 25.000 ton/year.

The Specification of Bentas’s Cat Litter:
– Produced by 100 % Natural White Bentonite,
– Natural Whiteness,
– Super Clumping,
– Excellent Odour Control,
– Super absorption (300 %) capacity,
– 99.9 % Dust – Free
– Natural and Environmentally friendly
– Easy to dispose and Pleasant to Use
– Very Less Consumption,
– Keeps tray dry
– Natural and Environmentally Friendly.

Cat Litters

This type of litter is typically made from bentonite, which is a highly absorbent clay that forms into solid clumps when your cat urinates